Various Types of Milling Cutters for Your Milling Machine

11/26/2015 14:18

There are 13 different type of milling cutters used in numerous milling machines. They each cut products in different ways. They are: end mill, roughing end mill, piece factory, face factory, hollow mill, port drill, round nose cutter, side-and-face cutter, involute gear cutter, fly cutter, woodruff cutter, sync cutter, and hob.


Milling cutters are necessary cutting tools needed in a milling device. Various sorts of milling cutters are readily available in lots of shapes and sizes to effectively perform any type of sort of cutting job. Keep reading to understand the various sorts of milling cutters.


End factory


This is a device with cutting teeth on one end as well as on its sides. Constructed from a high speed steel (HSS), the end mill cutter is the most common tool made use of in a vertical milling equipment.


Roughing end mill


A roughing end mill removes a massive chunk of product in a curly cutting pattern. This cutting factory generates a rough surface area finish and also is also called ripping cutters. The wavy teeth decrease the resonances and also chatter appears that take place during the cutting procedure.


Slab factory


A cylindrical cutting device that can be used independently or with various other cutting tools for cutting horizontal surfaces, the piece mill is made from a HSS.


Face factory


Face mill cutters can holding numerous tip inserts. This affordable sort of cutting device has pointers that are can be changed when they become candid. A face mill can do numerous cutting activities because of the versatility of the inserts and also ideas that it could collaborate with.


Hollow factory


A hollow milling cutter is a pipe designed tool with thick walls. The cutting teeth, nonetheless, get on the within surface. This cutting tool is basically utilized in finishing cylindrical protrusions.


Port drill


A port drill is a cutting device that directly reduces straight into a material. It commonly has 2 or even more fluted cutters and a particular tooth positioned at the center of the end face. Slot drills are typically used for making cuts in a keyway port.


Round nose cutter


The ball nose cutter is a hemispherical end cutter with a comparable function to that of a port drill. This is a suitable cutting device for machines that forms three dimensional contouring types and also forms. Ball nose cutters are additionally frequently called sphere factories.


Side-and-face cutter


The cutting of a side-and-face cutter lies on its area and also side section. They are readily available in different widths and sizes. The side teeth operates to reduce just one side of the product.


Involute equipment cutter


This twelve teeth cutting equipment comes in 8 cutter dimensions. A circular cutting device, it has cutting sides on its area.


Fly cutter


A fly cutter is a cost-effective tool that operates like a face factory. It is composed of a couple of device little bits that rotate to eliminate shallow and also facing cuts.


Woodruff cutter


Woodruff cutters are small pointer cutters that are used in cutting keyways. It is a vital tool in vital engineering.


Dovetail cutter


Dovetail cutters are cutting tools that make a dovetail port patterns.



Hobs are cutters made use of in a hobbling device. These cutters are utilized to make gears and provide the appropriate shape requirements of each work piece. It is also essential to think about the least cost and also the appropriate cutting specs of a cutting work when picking a milling cutter. Bear in mind to always function securely with the every cutting device.